Record Player & Vinyl Collection

Ace Hotel in Portland, OR - The Ace Hotel Portland's mission is to target "cultural influencers and opinion leaders on a budget." That's why they keep an eye on what's trending in the realm of hotel amenities. In select rooms at the hotel, people will find turntables alongside a complimentary vinyl collection (for loan, of course). This way, you can cut the rug to the original LP of Saturday Night Fever (crackles, pops and all) while primping for a night on the town.

The Floating Couples Massage

Loews Coronado Bay Hotel in Coronado, CA - Who says you have to be in a spa to receive a spa treatment? Surely not the Loews Coronado Bay Hotel. On the Voga Voyage ($400 per couple), couples get horizontal for a soothing sunscreen application and 40-minute rub down inside a 33-foot gondola equipped with two professional massage beds. Cruise the canals of the Coronado Cays with your sweetheart (and gondoliers) before finishing your pleasure cruise with complimentary champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. This one'll keep you grounded.

Complimentary Fender Guitars

Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, IL - In keeping with their musical vibe, Hard Rock Hotel Chicago offers a rockin' "Picks" program whereby guests can borrow one of 20 Fender guitars -- from legendary Stratocasters to Telecasters to play in their room. To ensure "maximum sound for you and zero noise complaints" for them, the Hard Rock will even loan you a pair of SOUL by Ludacris headphones. There's no charge to riff -- just a credit card deposit so you don't "go off on your next world tour" with their guitar.

The Dream Service Menu

Lorien Hotel & Spa in Alexandria, VA - This place has you covered from A to Zzzz's. Simply touch the "Dream Button" on your guest room phone and the Lorien Hotel & Spa will deliver an assortment of complimentary options to help you drift safely into la-la land. From the Snore-No-More Pillow to Bed Wedges, which elevates the whole upper torso, this menu proves that if you snooze, you don't always lose. Sound intriguing? Try the Lorien Hotel's Bath Menu -- which offers a "Bath Butler" who can draw your bath for you. Ah, the good life...

An Edible Work of Art

Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast, CA - Pelican Hill has so many resort amenities that there's actually a brochure for them. They range from personalized ceramics to sports-themed snack spreads to this work of fine edible art -- a Pelican Hill Signature Treat ($95) that comes with a splash of Grand Marnier ($12). The master work on the chocolatey canvas? Well, it's Pelican Hill of course.

Semi-Automatic Vending Machine

The Hudson Hotel in New York, NY - Who needs a hotel gift shop when you have a luxury vending machine that sells Ray Ban sunglasses ($145), Black-Quilted Urbanears Headphones ($80) and Sir Richards condoms ($12.99) in-house? These are just a few of the existential questions that Manhattan's Hudson Hotel asks -- and answers. No cash accepted at this materialist oracle. Just plastic.

Luxury Vending Machine at the Hudson Hotel