Arthur Frommer's Five Favorite Travel Destinations for 2014:

When it comes to getting good travel advice, a trusty user review from SAM4244 only gets you so far. Why not go with a recommendation from the dude who founded perhaps the most well-known travel book series America has ever known.

Meet Arthur Frommer, the man behind the Frommer's travel guide series that currently has 340 titles reaching more than six million travelers each year. It's safe to say this guy has been around -- given he published his first travel guide, 'Europe on $5 a Day,' in 1957.

Want to get that next vacation on the books? Here are his top five picks for 2014 travel destinations:
Richmond, Virginia - "It's a remarkable city that has managed to preserve much of its antebellum appearance. They have not engaged in the wholesale destruction of the downtown area (like other cities). In 2014, we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of many of the famous battles of the Civil War that took place in and around Richmond, Virginia. The city is responding with all sorts of commemorations and celebrations of these events."
The Big Island of Hawaii - "For the last several years, the volcano in what is known as Volcanoes National Park has been erupting and the scene is a spectacular one, as you watch lava going into the sea creating giant plumes of smoke. The eruptions of that volcano in recent years have added 500 acres of land area for the Hawaiian Islands! This is a remarkable natural wonder that should be seen. Now, it cannot be guaranteed -- it's entirely possible that at the time of your trip, the eruptions may cease, which would wipe out the reason for the visit. But the Big Island of Hawaii is a fascinating place -- a place of sleepy villages, ranches with cowhands and endless beaches."
Palm Springs, Calif. - "My daughter's strong belief [is] that this city is broadening its appeal. It used to be a place for elderly, rich people who would take naps in the afternoon and spend the rest of the time golfing. That is no longer the image that it has. It is now attracting a much younger audience. Mainly because of the sudden construction of some moderately priced motels and hotels. It is no longer a place just for the super rich. In response to the heavy influence of tourism there, some of the airlines are now scheduling direct flights into Palm Springs. You no longer have to take a car ride from Los Angeles to get there."
Nayarit, Mexico - "There is a remarkable 200-mile stretch of beach in Mexico that the Mexican authorities have chosen as the next best top destination within Mexico. It is the area of the Pacific Coast of Mexico, approximately 190 miles long. It begins somewhat north of Puerto Vallarta -- and in recent years, various entrepreneurs (at the urging of the Mexican government) have begun throwing up excellent, high-quality, all-inclusive resort hotels on that beach. The Mexican government is working very hard to include the Rivera Nayarit as among the top vacation destinations of Mexico. To be uttered in the same words as you refer to Cancun, or the tip of the Baja peninsula."
Bali, Indonesia - "It has always been an extremely attractive tropical destination ... They invite the visitor to participate in their social rituals, their marriages, their funerals, etc. But now there is an additional reason to go to Bali. That is the virtual collapse of the Indonesian currency (the currency used in Bali). The Rupiah, as it's called, is now selling at a rate of 11,000 to the dollar. 30 percent better against U.S. dollar than in recent years. So what is already an inexpensive island to visit has become even cheaper still. The island of Bali is one of the cheapest places in the world in terms of living costs. Although obviously, there is a high airfare to get there."
Big Island of Hawaii
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