Well & Being at Willow Stream at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess - Scottsdale, AZ

Well & Being at Willow Stream isn't so much a spa as a prescription for a better life. As a self-described "adult sanctuary" for ages 18 and over, Well & Being is ultra-focused on your health as evidenced by the on-site physicians who consult guests with "medically guided, personalized and fully integrated wellness programs." Cell phones, iPads or any other screen stressors aren't even allowed.

Spa Highlights: The who's who of expert consultants on their payroll listed as "Experience Guides" -- M.D.'s, PhD's and even a "Flower Alchemist" -- to help guide your wellness journey.

Most Intriguing Treatment: The Stay Active Golf Performance Massage, a massage designed by a professional golfer and golf instructor (like a course) to help improve golf performance and avoid injury. Call it a healthier version of the 19th hole.

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