The Standard Spa, Miami Beach - Miami Beach, FL

It's rare that a spa has an actual map of its grounds, but that's what The Standard Spa, Miami Beach has on its website to break down its amusement park-like pleasures. Find everything from an Aroma Steam Room to a Roman Waterfall Hot Tub inside their Hydrotherapy Playground. Or go for an Arctic Plunge, a frigid deflowering of rational behavior inside "50 degrees of chillification," designed to cleanse any and all bodily impurities.

Spa Highlights: The Standard's laundry list of fun spa activities are anything but standard. A Mud Lounge, Sun Salute Circle and a Scotch Hose for high-pressure stress relief -- just a few of the unorthodox treats.

Most Intriguing Treatment: Inspired by the bellystones of Turkish Hamams comes the Hamam Rub & Scrub, a signature soothing scrub involving a vat of coconut milk and laying your precious epidermis on the heated marble of the Hamam.

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