Eau Spa at The Ritz-Carlton - Palm Beach, FL

Few if any spas can cop to having "naughty cupcakes" and cocktails as part of their experience, but the palatial downpour of relaxation at Eau Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach touches the soul and stomach on many levels. Other than luxury spa villas, private boudoirs and a Scrub and Polish Bar, they also have a sense of humor amid all the lounging. As their spa etiquette guide says, if you're "Eau-So-Late," they may have to shorten your treatment and "call your mother." Nice touch.

Spa Highlights: A 42,000-square-foot water playground with 19 luxury spa villas and a "Self-Centered Garden," essentially an open-air sanctuary with dipping pools and waterfalls, where the only thing on your mind is you.

Most Intriguing Treatment: The Diamonds & Pearls Body Treatment, a 90-minute full-body treatment using crushed diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst and chakra gems. It's precious.

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