Giant Panda

Born: July 29, 2012
Home: San Diego Zoo

All About Baby: San Diego Zoo's newest Giant Panda infant weighed a healthy 9.2 pounds as of his latest checkup on November 6. Following Chinese cultural tradition, the bouncing black-and-white baby will be named after he reaches 100 days old, with a public announcement on November 13. Mom Bai Yun spends more and more of her days fueling up on bamboo while her little one sleeps. Play involves gentle wrestling and nibbling at the cub. Though he's too little to return much of the play just yet, he does mouth his mother's paws and will no doubt relish the chance to wrestle back as he gets bigger.

Who Knew? Known for eating bamboo, giant pandas are actually carnivores that have adapted to dining on the tree leaves. But if they're lucky enough to snag a small mammal, they'll gobble those up, too.