Black-Footed Penguin

Born: June 26, 2012
Home: Fort Wayne Children's Zoo - Fort Wayne, IN

All About Baby: Some babies get a little too comfortable in their nests. Things started out on track, as this black-footed penguin chick used its egg tooth -- the nub on top of its beak -- to crack the eggshell. Only instead of breaking through, the cozy baby decided to stay put. After a few days, zoo staff decided to bust it out and deliver the fluffy bundle fashionably late to the loving wings of Mom and Pop.

Who Knew? Black-footed penguins are romantic creatures, usually cohabitating in the same nest with the same partner each year. Males must master quite an elaborate dance and shout display to lure females, who will then circle around him. If it's a match, they'll amble off into the sunset together.