American Black Bear

Born: Spring 2012
Home: NEW Zoo - Suamico, WI

All About Baby: After being plucked from the wild by a family in Oregon, Aldo was turned over to the Oregon Zoo when he weighed just 4 pounds. But their bear house was full, so a zookeeper who fosters orphaned cubs found him a home at the NEW Zoo, where he now lives with adult black bear, Winnie.

Who Knew? Removing young animals from the wild is illegal, and severely reduces their chances of survival. So what do you do if you come face-to-face with a cub like Aldo? "If you see a young animal alone, leave it where it is," says Meg Kenagy, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife conservation strategy communications coordinator. "It's likely that its mother is nearby. Most animals leave their young to forage or hunt."