African Elephant

Born: August 28, 2012
Home: San Diego Zoo Safari Park - Escondido, CA

All About Baby: Welcome little girl, Qinisa, a Siswati word for acting with energy and determination, or to speak the truth. Pronunciation is a little more complicated: (!) een-ee-seh (! is a tongue pop instead of a q sound). They grow up so fast ... At just 1-week-old, Qinisa was picking up objects with her trunk, an unusual talent for such a young one, according to Curtis Lehman, San Diego Zoo Safari Park animal care manager. Also a master at nursing, little lady gained 40 pounds in her first 21 days.

Who Knew? The elephants at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park were rescued from the Kingdom of Swaziland due to drought and lack of space. Swaziland's Big Game Parks officials felt they would have had to kill this group of elephants unless they could find a zoo willing to take them.