Tim Gunn's Five Must-See Fashion Destinations:

Let's say you're from Paris, the most fashionable city in the world. You're visiting the United States for the first time, and you want to immerse yourself in what's happening in American couture. Where do you go? What are the must-sees for the fashion obsessed? I asked Tim Gunn. Here's what he said:
Austin, TX and Chicago, IL - "There are pockets of the country that have a very particular kind of fashion culture to them. Austin, Texas, is one. And it's not that I would emulate it as much as I'm interested in it and I like seeing it. I put Chicago in that list of course."
Bergdorf Goodman - New York, NY - "If you're in New York City you have to go to Bergdorf's. I call it the temple of high taste. And walk around as though it's a museum. Don't even think about buying something. Unless you have very deep pockets. But just to experience it. For me that store stands alone."
Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY - "I hate to keep citing New York -- but the Costume Institute at the Met is a must."
Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) - New York, NY - "I'm a history buff, so I'm always thinking about certainly looking at the here and now, but then looking back... If you look at it from what I actually own and let's talk about its lineage, it makes it much more interesting and accessible I think. So that always interests me more than what can I go buy. And the history of fashion is the history of our society and culture. By definition it is fascinating."
Kent State University Museum and Fashion Library - Kent, OH - "There's a fantastic fashion museum but it's really a study center [for the fashion design department]."

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Tim Gunn is an educator, author, fashion therapist and mentor on 'Project Runway' and 'Under the Gunn.' See him in new episodes of 'Under the Gunn' on Thursdays, 9pm on Lifetime. Or follow him on Twitter @TimGunn.

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