The Gentle Barn's Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner:

To give back to the businesses who have so generously given to them, Ellie and Jay started "The Gentle 52," a program that spotlights a new Gentle Barn sponsor each week. These are just a few of the many animal-friendly companies they like:
Sun Chlorella - Torrance, CA - A green-algae-based supplement for both animals and people. "It's a company that not only donated so that we can have our infirmaries, but that also supply us enough algae powder to give every single animal every single day. So it's really boosted their immune systems, not just of rescues that we're doing, but of all the animals that are here. They're an amazing, amazing company."
Tofurky/Turtle Island Foods - Hood River, OR - "They've supported the Gentle Barn for 11 years. They never asked us to do anything... They said, here's 100% of what we do -- hot dogs, Tofurkies for Thanksgiving... they would sponsor our entire Thanksgiving with 500 people and never ask for anything."
Canyon Carwash - Canyon Country, CA - "He's just around the corner. I told him about the Gentle 52 program and he said, 'I want to do it!' He gave out free car washes, he gave away a $300 detail. He took our calendars and gave them to people coming in. He sells them now. He says, 'The proceeds are for you!' And I'm like, 'Well don't you want to take $5 out of the $10?' He said, 'No! We'll sell them for you and give you all the money.' That's who you want to work with! That's where you want to get your car washed, right?"
Puremedy - "They have a healing salve we use to heal [the animals'] wounds. It's a healing ointment that was a Native American salve, a 150-year-old recipe."
Gardein - Marina del Rey, CA - "They make [vegetarian/vegan] food that's in a lot of restaurants. They're so good to us. They're an incredible company. "

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Ellie Laks' book, 'My Gentle Barn,' debuts March 25. To learn more or to donate, visit The Gentle Barn and follow them on Twitter @GentleBarn and Facebook.

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