Expert #2: Kwame "Q" Reece

Kwame "Q" Reece is a professional boxer and fitness trainer who runs Q's Quality Fitness out of legendary Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn. With a private clientele evenly divided between men and women, Q creates workouts that are based on pro boxing training regimens. Here's what he tells clients that can't get to the gym:

Your Warmup: To combat 48 hours of celebratory feasting, Q simply increases the warm-up routine. Run two miles instead of one, or three instead of two. Other favorite warm-up exercises are the stairs: run up and down flights if a stair-stepper machine is not available.

Twenty-Fives: 25 jumping jacks, 25 high knees, 25 kick-backs. Repeat twice back to back, then do a series of squats and lunges, then go back to the Twenty-Fives. There! Now your heart rate's up, and you're ready for the real workout. If you feel light-headed or dizzy at any time, stop. You're not Hercules.

The Best Equipment Investment: A jump rope. Much more than a kids' toy, the humble jump rope is what professional boxers and bodybuilders use as part of their crucial cardio. Of the high-tech machines, Q only really likes one: the stair-climber. However, with the first choice priced around $5 and the second averaging $3,000, there's really no question what the smart investment is.

The Tonic: Most fitness professionals recommend certain supplements and vitamins, and Q's favorite is an old home remedy that he says has many scientifically proven benefits -- Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, two tablespoons a day, mixed with water -- it's a simple tonic that aids digestion and lowers glucose levels.

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