Expert #1: Matthew Kornblatt

Certified personal trainer Matthew Kornblatt launched RightFit Chicago in late February, 2013, and is currently expanding nationwide.

His Concept: Help personal trainers link up with potential clients, and vice-versa. Kornblatt's lifelong interest in fitness, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of what's wrong with the current system (i.e. most would-be trainees are limited to gym referrals and word-of-mouth), inspired him to found his business almost immediately out of college.

To Burn: To get the maximum results in minimum time, Kornblatt recommends efficiency workouts that alternate interval training with cardio. Set a circuit of eight different exercises, and perform each exercise for a minute, with a 15-second active rest in between. After completing the eight-exercise circuit, do a 5-10 minute jog/run. Then go straight back into the exercise circuit. You won't get bored, won't let intensity drop, and can complete a full workout in just 45 minutes (warm-up/cool down not included).

No Running Against the Wind: This Chicago native doesn't recommend battling against extreme weather if you're not used to it. Instead, find that 5x5-square-foot indoor space and power through an exercise circuit that includes squat jumps, lunges, push-up variations, plank exercises and crunches. Instead of treadmill or running, do high-knees running in place and/or "jump rope" motions without the actual rope.

Say No To: Desserts in general are notoriously unhealthy, but if you have to pick one thing to avoid at all costs, Kornblatt says stay away from sodas. They're the bane of a healthy existence, and they're not even festive.

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