Keeping Your Pet Safe From Disaster
In order to ensure the safety and survival of your pets during a natural disaster such as a hurricane, here are five tips the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends in their sincere plea to pet parents. Cue the Sarah McLachan music please:

1. Affix a Rescue Alert Sticker to the Outside of Your Home. In case you're not able to take your pet with you when you evacuate (always try to bring 'em if you can), you should post a sticker -- such as the one found in the ASPCA Pet Safety Pack) -- in an easy-to-see location that alerts rescue workers that there are pets in your home. Include the number and types of pets in the home, as well as any contact info for your vet.

2. Choose a Safe Haven. If you must stay at your home, first, decide which room will be the safest spot to ride out the storm. Then, know in advance where you can take your family and pets in case of evacuation (emergency shelter, evacuation centers, pet hotels, etc.). In the Big Apple and Jersey, all evacuation centers are required to accept animals.

3. Update Your Pet's ID. Since your pet will likely not be able to speak his/her name -- but if they can, kudos -- make sure your pet is wearing a collar and ID tag with up-to-date information. Getting your pet micro-chipped will also help if you so happen to get separated from your best friend.

4. Stock Up on the Necessities. Make sure you have plenty of food for you and your pet(s) on hand -- water, medications, batteries, first-aid kits and other emergency supplies in case of a power outage. This is why Costco was invented.

5.Stay Indoors. Bring your pets indoors at the first sign of danger and keep them with you. If you do stay outside, make sure you tie down or anchor objects so they don't fly around and injure your four-legged friend. Being outside exposes you to the elements and increases the chances that something not-so-great will happen.

Need a list of places that can help you and your pet out in a hurricane-like pinch? Here are the top places near you:

• Animal Shelters
• Pet Stores
• Animal Hospitals
• Pet Hotels

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