Jed Lowrie: My Five Favorite Places to Photograph in the U.S.:

The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA - "The Golden Gate Bridge assumes many shapes and colors thanks to the clouds that morph from the quickly changing climate. The Art Deco look with the San Francisco skyline and the sun setting behind you create quite the image. If you are tough enough to brave the wind from the exposed viewpoints you can create beautiful images."
Oceanside Pier Near San Diego - Oceanside, CA - "All about the beaches. There are always people out because, well, the weather. Why wouldn't you be at the beach if you're in San Diego frankly? Photographically speaking I like the piers, the lighthouses and the surfers. The sunsets provide dramatic lighting for all your subjects." (The above shot was taken in November, 2013.)
Alaska - Alaska - "The last American Frontier. I've always been a wildlife buff and what better place to discover the wild than in Alaska. I want to capture a grizzly bear catching a salmon swimming upstream in Katmai National Park and explore the glaciers of Denali National Park."
The Grand Canyon - Arizona - "If you're looking for inspiration, look no further than the Grand Canyon. I can't wait to travel back with my gear. The golden hours are when you want to be set up with your subject in frame. With so many different options to explore the canyon, you have near limitless opportunities to create your own image."
Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming - "This goes back to the wildlife buff in me, but the geysers, hot springs and various natural formations appeal to the photographer in me as well. The American bison and grey wolf are the stars for me, though. It's easy to overlook the majestic animals that live in our 'backyard' for the exotic animals at the zoo, but they should not be forgotten."

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