Q & A With Jillian Michaels, Health and Wellness Expert:

What's the guiding principle in your new book, 'SLIM FOR LIFE'?
Jillian: That being slim and healthy should be simple and manageable. The strategies in my book are affordable, easy to understand, accessible and effective. When followed 80% of the time, you will get and maintain amazing weight loss results. Plus, 'SLIM FOR LIFE' also provides solutions for all dieting dilemmas and pitfalls like hunger, cravings, plateaus, etc.
What one or two secrets will people be most surprised to read in the book?
Jillian: There are so many things, it's tough to pick. But I think the myth debunking section will surprise many people. For example, eating small meals throughout the day is the absolute worst strategy for weight loss. Sweating more does NOT mean you are burning more calories. You can eat food before bed and so on.
What are the biggest misconceptions about losing weight?
Jillian: People fall for fad diets like fasts, cleanses, carb cutting and so on. None of these fad diets are realistic or sustainable ways to lose weight and will ALL lead to yo-yo dieting. You might lose, but you will harm your metabolism and put it all back and then some.
What's someone's best path to becoming "bomb-proof"?
Jillian: Education. When you have the proper information, you can make powerful, informed choices that will yield strong and lasting results.
What's the most common way people sabotage their dieting efforts?
Jillian: Three key things -- they fall for a fad diet that messes up their metabolism and misinforms them. They think they can't afford to be healthy. They have trouble letting go of using food as a coping mechanism for stress and don't know how to develop coping mechanisms that are life affirming versus self-destructive. I have tons of information on how to manage and conquer all this in 'SLIM FOR LIFE'.
As Americans, what are the biggest obstacles we face in the pursuit of losing weight?
Jillian: Lack of information. Healthy food and fitness can be affordable and accessible. It's just learning how to engage in these behaviors in affordable and simple ways.
Do the airbrushed images in women's glamor magazines help or hurt when it comes to weight loss?
Jillian: ABSOLUTELY more on the hurt side. And I have been guilty of it myself. Which is why we have to be honest and transparent. I always tell people that there's a hair and make-up team and computer artists creating those images. With that said, I don't airbrush my body. That part I want full credit for. :)
Can you quantify the amount of weight lost in tears since you started 'The Biggest Loser'?
Jillian: HA! Thousands and thousands of pounds!
What's been the biggest lesson you've learned since starting to work on the show?
Jillian: I've learned how thick the fabric of resilience runs within the human spirit. It's never too late to change anything you want or accomplish any goal once you set your mind to it.
What was your reaction to the Lance Armstrong story and ensuing confession?
Jillian: Honestly, it's his story to tell. I have no opinion on it.
What restaurants do you like across the U.S. when it comes to getting an honest read on calories and ingredients?
Jillian: Obviously I'm not a huge fan of restaurant chains, but as far as information goes, Le Pain Quotidien, Chipotle, Applebee's, Chili's, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster all put calorie info on their menu so you can make an informed choice.
What's the science behind Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED -- and where is the class currently being taught?
Jillian: Body shred has 12 fitness techniques (from HIIT to PHA to active recovery) that are woven together into an integrated system designed to burn the max amount of calories during your workout -- and long after it's over -- through afterburn (metabolic enhancement technique triggered through exercise). Then it also has 10 factors of change (from levers to speed to range of motion) that are utilized to progress or regress the intensity of the workout, depending on an individual's level of fitness. It's being sold into gyms worldwide from Crunch in the U.S. to Good Life Gyms in Canada.

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