Build Beautiful Back-to-Basics

Part art, part puzzle, Kidsonroof's three-dimensional Totem Collection models engage classic, imaginative play. No apps, no batteries, no virtual gimmicks. Just basic constructive creativity. So app-tapped-out kids and grown-ups can reinvigorate their opposable thumbs by punching out vibrantly patterned pieces (made of sturdy recycled cardboard) and slotting them together to form animals, trees, and other stylishly designed figures (pictured in the gallery).

Kidsonroof founders Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin launched their line of colorfully crafted products in 2005 from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and have continued to grow their company based on simple principles. "A Kidsonroof world to us is: creativity, freedom of mind, aesthetics, [and] sustainable materials," says Romy. "Our biggest inspirations are our own kids (who are now 14, 11, and 7) and nature."

Many of Kidsonroof's Totems can be bought in independent gift shops, museum stores, or via in the U.S.