From Cow to Cone: Ice Cream Master Class

Who knew that Penn State has the oldest and biggest ice cream technology program in the country? Offered in January, the seven-day Ice Cream Short Course is geared toward industry pros looking to learn the secrets behind crafting the perfect creamy treat. For more than 100 years students from all over the world have come to attend workshops on the magic of flavoring, fancy freezing techniques, and how to work with frozen yogurt and frozen novelties. The cost for such coveted intel? $1,890.

If you're looking to break into the industry (or you just want the cool comfort of being able to whip up frosty deliciousness on a whim), consider Ice Cream University. Monthly seminars held across the country cover topics like How to Get Into the Ice Cream Business, The Art of Making Gelato, and Cool Cakes 101 -- ice cream cake!

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