Dogsledding & Skiing Expedition

No need to live in Alaska to mush across the pristine snow with a pack of huskies. Learn to dogsled with Outward Bound, the organization famous for helping troubled kids via confidence-building wilderness expeditions. Adults 18+ looking for a seriously cool challenge will find it in this week-long expedition across frozen lakes in northern Minnesota. The journey starts with a one-day orientation, where you'll learn to cross-country ski, chop trees and build fires, and practice dogsledding commands and sled-driving techniques.

Once you embark, you'll spend your days racing through stunning winter scenery, fueled by adrenaline and the infectious enthusiasm of the dogs, who bark and leap with excitement as you go. Teams work together to build an overnight camp where you'll enjoy meals and care for the dogs. One of the nights is spent solo, which Outward Bound staff say is the highlight for many people, as they learn to experience the power of nature and their own self-sustaining skills.

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