Cutting-Edge Major: Food Science

Willy Wonka was ahead of his time. Food is the new scientific frontier, and Food Science is one of the most fascinating fields out there. Liquid nitrogen ice cream, popcorn-flavored jelly beans, Twinkies that last for eternity... the sky's the limit on what Franken-food you could create.

Oregon State is a think tank for foodies. There are three major areas of study: Food Science grads can be anything from Food Technologist (new Ben & Jerry's flavors!) to Experimental Brewer. Fermentation Science is all about the brains behind brews, spirits, wine and cheese. And if sipping wine among the vines in Napa is your dream, then Enology and Viticulture (winemaking and grape production) is for you. OSU even has a Sensory Lab and Food Innovation Center to test and market tasty new creations.

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