Cirque School

Cirque du Soleil, the troupe that mixes acrobatic dance with surreal stories and stunning set pieces, has elevated the modern circus to daring and elegant performance art. Muscled men take death-defying leaps from trapezes high above; lithe women twist themselves into seemingly inhuman feats of flexibility. How do they do that? Find out at Cirque School, which teaches "anybody with any body" in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

The brainchild of Cirque du Soleil™ veteran Aloysia Gavre, Cirque School offers both general fitness classes based on pilates and circus arts, as well as full-blown circus performer training. Starting at just $25 you can twist yourself like a Twizzler in the Contortion Workshop. Aerial Tricks teaches you to whip through the air like a trapeze pro. Acro-Fit acrobatics teaches coordination, balance and strength with basic tumbling moves. Or try juggling, circus hooping, and even a suspension training course developed by a former Navy Seal. Who knows, you may just tumble upon a whole new career.

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