Verbal Sparring With Pooch Hall, Star of Showtime's 'Ray Donovan':

What's your secret to staying fit?
Pooch: Probably the strongest muscle "the brain" being focused and understanding how you want to look physically.
What fitness or workout routines are responsible for your god-like physique?
Pooch: God like? Ha ha...I'd say super hero. I started early in boxing and football so my body developed early. I maintain it with P90X, a good diet and lots of basketball.
Where do you do most of your workouts?
Pooch: 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness and whatever hotels I stay at. The London, The W, etc.
How many days a week do you exercise? Trainer? No Trainer?
Pooch: I work out at least 4 days a myself mostly. I'm very disciplined. On occasions, I will work out with Rashawn Underdue at the ZoCenter in Anaheim.
What's your fitness regimen like since landing a spot as a boxer on the upcoming Showtime pilot, 'Ray Donovan'?
Pooch: I've been doing more cardio and running. To give me that lean boxer look. I gotta feel and BE a fighter again. And hitting the weights just a little to keep my muscle definition. Push-ups, pull-ups and more core workouts.
Have you implemented any unorthodox workout techniques of late? If so, what?
Pooch: Core workouts using the ball; using a gas mask to strengthen my lungs during mix martial arts exercises. A lot of plyometrics, push-ups and my own body weight exercises.
What kind of diet do you adhere to?
Pooch: A strict one. Lots of veggies, fish, water.
What are your favorite restaurants?
Pooch: BOA, SoHo Grand, Morimoto, Katana.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done body-wise to prepare for a role?
Pooch: Crash diet. I cut out all sugars and bullsh*t, which was really tough because I LOVE cake and pie.
What's the biggest challenge you face when it comes to staying in shape?
Pooch: My diet. And getting the proper rest. There are a lot of great foods that I can't eat... especially desserts. I have a crazy sweet tooth. LOL.
Pooch Hall from 'Ray Donovan'
You can follow Pooch Hall on Twitter at @iam_POOCHHALL and/or see him on Showtime's hit new series 'Ray Donovan' on Sunday nights (10PM ET/PT).

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