Q & A With Betty White, Actress, Author, Animal Activist:

You've devoted much of your life to helping animals. While having a pet is wonderfully rewarding, so many people abandon their pets when they realize how much work is involved. What one piece of advice would you give to someone about to get a pet to help them succeed?
Betty: I would tell them, "You are making a special commitment. Communicate with your new friend and be consistent."
Outrageous pet products are all the rage right now, from air-conditioned dog houses to luxury beds. Do your pets have special beds?
Betty: My dog Pontiac's (pictured below in black and white) special bed is next to me, on my bed. If I am home for breakfast, Pontiac knows the very last bite is always his. But of course, he's not spoiled!
As an advocate for animal welfare, you are a wonderful part of American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards. Can you tell us a bit about these very special awards for very special dogs?
Betty: It is always such a thrill to listen to the heroic stories of these magnificent animals, and I'm so glad those stories are celebrated.
You've been involved with multiple organizations. What in particular about the Hero Dog Awards stands out for you?
Betty: My privilege of getting my hands on these heroes. Such special noses to kiss!
What does the vital work of American Humane Association mean to you?
Betty: American Humane spreads the most important message: "Kindness is a must."
Betty, it is a real treat and an honor to get to chat with you. If you could talk to any person (or animal!) in the world right now, who would you most like to have a conversation with?
Betty: If I could talk to any one person, it would be Charles Darwin. But if I could talk to any animal, it would be my beloved, belated Pekingese, Bandit.

Betty White is an actress, comedienne, author, animal welfare activist and 21-time Emmy nominee. Currently she stars in the TV series 'Hot in Cleveland' and is in production on two more shows. Keep up with Betty (good luck!) on Twitter @BettyMWhite.

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