1. Wait, Valentine's Day is This Friday??

Do: Plot the perfect dinner scene. Oysters. A nice Sauv Blanc. Fireplace views to shine a spotlight on that sparkling gift that's way costlier than a Vermont Teddy Bear.

Don't: End up in the doghouse because you've planned nothing and spent way too much time watching friends' Facebook movies instead of shopping.

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2. Speaking of the Winter Olympics...

Do: Consider updating your home-entertainment sitch so you can see Shaun White perform half-pipe heroics and Gracie Gold's triple lutz-triple toe in full 1080p hi-def splendor.

Don't: Wallow for one more second in front of a less-than-perfect picture worthy of rabbit ears and 1970's Miller Lite commercials... not Bode Miller.

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3. Get Whatever Lego Toy 'The Lego Movie' Made Your Kid Want

Do: Surprise your offspring with whatever toy 'The Lego Movie 3D' made your kid nag you for. Batman, Superman, Joe Schmoe construction worker. The movie made $69 million last weekend so, clearly, we all saw it.

Don't: Send the wrong message by acting as if you're not complicit in them wanting all sorts of Lego stuff after treating them to a one hour-and-thirty-six-minute commercial.

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4. Last Call for That Winter Adventure

Do: Plan a trip to the white stuff before it melts this winter. Between Edward Snowden and Sochi, chances are you've had snow on the brain.

Don't: Let yet another winter slide by without experiencing the joy of sliding halfway down a mountain on your butt. Thank you snowboarding.

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5. Get Ready for Season Two of 'House of Cards' on Netflix

Do: Get ready to binge watch season two of the well-written, yet highly cynical political drama, 'House of Cards'. Premieres on Netflix Feb. 14. Kevin Spacey wishes you a not-so-happy Valentine's Day.

Don't: Act as if everyone won't be talking about this show all month once they snarf down the 13 new episodes. Want to catch up? Season one can be bought.

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6. Prep for President's Day

Do: Take advantage of Monday, February 17. President's Day is a paid holiday for many around our country so you can either spend the day pondering the merits of George Washington's presidency, or actually plan something you want to do.

Don't: Forget you have the day off and lose out on a great day to annihilate that to-do list. Either way, we're here to help.

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