Home Trend #6: Walls Into Windows

Open floor plans have become so popular, it was only a matter of time before exterior walls became the next targets to tear down. Letting in light, air, and the outdoors is an unstoppable trend. So a couple of manufacturers at the IBS stood out with floor-to-ceiling options to turn your why-so-many walls into wide open windows.

NanaWall (pictured above): NanaWall offers folding glass systems (which can be configured with hundreds of options), single-track glass wall systems, frameless glass wall systems, and systems with AAMA Hurricane certification. Learn more »

Kolbe TerraSpan Lift and Slide Doors (pictured lower): You can stack and pocket up to 10 TerraSpan door panels, which can open up to an expanse of 60 feet. The systems are available in more than 900 configurations, and the doors are designed to meet "K-Force® impact performance" standards (which means they can withstand hurricane force winds). Learn more »