Home Trend #2: Waving for Water

After years of motion-sensing faucets, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and whatnot squeaking out energy savings in public restrooms everywhere, the hands-free technology has finally been making further in-roads to everyday abodes. The latest spots to work your Jedi moves: kitchen faucets.

Last spring Moen introduced its line of MotionSense™ faucets, which currently only includes five available models, but the wave of the future (pun intended) is growing. Bolstering the motion-activated trend, Kohler's Sensate™ touchless kitchen faucet not only won NAHB's award for "Best Kitchen or Bath Product" but also took home the award for "Overall Best in Show."

According to Kohler, the Sensate faucet (pictured top and bottom) "is in tune with your every move: A simple wave of your hand -- or an object such as a pan or utensil -- turns it on or off." Just wait till they work on brainwaves.

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