Home Trend #5: Bluetooth Bathing

Now you can add bass and beats to your bath without worrying about your iPhone or portable speakers slipping into a sudsy demise. Kohler showcased two products at the IBS to help you seamlessly sync your playlist with splash-friendly sound systems.

VibrAcoustic® Baths (pictured above): Don't just listen to music, feel the music. The VibrAcoustic panels built into the interior shell of the spa-style tub broadcast sound through the water, with no visible speakers. You can plug in your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player, or stream via a Bluetooth® wireless connection. Chromatherapy options are also available, if you want to light up your tunes as well. Learn more »

Moxie Showerhead (pictured lower): Play music directly overhead as you shower via a water-resistant speaker placed in the showerhead itself. The rechargeable speaker can pop in and out of the Moxie, and can be used independently of the showerhead. You can sync the Moxie with any Bluetooth-enabled device within a range of roughly 32 feet. Learn more »