Home Trend #4: Smart-Homing

Although the homes of the 20th Century might seem a little more ancient every day, we're still a far way from the purely intelligent, automated homes of sci-fi. But we're getting there. Here are a few app-happy standouts from this year's IBS sure to up your home's IQ:

Schlage's Touchscreen Deadbolt (pictured above): Admittedly, this savvy lock might give you a little secret agent ego. You can lock, unlock, or manage your motorized deadbolt (and change its codes) remotely via a Nexia Home Intelligence app. The system also allows you to manage who can enter when: You can program multiple codes to be active at different times and track their use. If someone tries to game their way into your domain, you'll know. Learn more »

Honeywell's Prestige IAQ Thermostat (pictured lower): Manage your Prestige IAQ and atmos anyway you like via Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort app. According to Honeywell, the Prestige touchscreen thermostat can "control temperature, humidity, ventilation and fan settings from any web-enabled device... and can help homeowners cut annual heating and cooling costs by up to 33 percent." Learn more »

Key Digital Systems' Compass Control®: Winner of NAHB's award for "Best Home Technology Product" at this year's IBS, Compass Control is the first control system for fully integrated smart homes to be built specifically for Apple's iOS devices (iPad®, iPad-mini®, iPhone®, iPod touch®). Basically, the system can turn your Apple device into your cable remote, TV remote, thermostat, alarm control panel, or a number of other remote devices. Learn more »