Proto Homes

Remote Control Homes: Futuristic cartoon 'The Jetsons' promised us pop-up houses, flying cars and food that magically appears with the touch of a button. Flying cars haven't flooded the marketplace, but Los Angeles-based Proto Homes is getting close to the pop-up house thing. And while food doesn't materialize just yet, you can control the house from your smartphone or iPad.

How They Do It: Like most prefabs, Proto Homes use sustainable products and an efficient process to keep costs low. But their products also come fully wired and expandable. Meaning you can turn lights on ahead of time from work, or monitor your home's energy usage from the central command system. You might even get a text saying someone's at your door. Just plug in new features as you need them like you would apps to your phone.

Cost: $210 per square foot, from 800 to 4,000 square feet