Q&A With Jeff Andrews, Interior-Designer-to-the-Stars:

What's the #1 thing our audience should know about choosing an interior designer?
Jeff: When choosing an interior designer, it's important that your personalities mesh as well as your aesthetics.
How does one fall into this career?
Jeff: No falling; it takes a lot of hard work, determination, creativity and the ability to be a visionary that makes someone a successful interior designer.
What's trending big time in interior design -- right now?
Jeff: Brass! While the emphasis was on silver and chrome metal finishes for so long, there has been a resurgence of gold finishes more recently. Everything from brass plumbing fixtures to furniture and lighting. Polished, matte or antiqued, brass is the hot finish.

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How have sustainable living materials affected what you do?
Jeff: There are more green options available now in all aspects of design, from low-VOC paint to renewable materials in flooring, furniture, etc., which makes it easy to be more environmentally conscious.
Which of the celebrity homes you've designed for was particularly challenging? Why?
Jeff: Celebrities are like any other client. Special challenges that sometimes arise? Working around celebrities' busy lifestyles and their often intense need for privacy. When designing a home for Kris Jenner, the challenge was to work around intense shooting schedules and a house full of family at a very quick pace. No one wants their life disrupted for very long.
Speaking of the Kardashians... what's it like to design settings you know will be broadcast to millions? Does it change how you come at a project?
Jeff: No, I design homes, not sets! But seriously, first and foremost when designing for any client is creating a beautiful and comfortable living space that works with their lifestyles, which is how I approached the Kardashian family designs. Their homes also just happen to be where their TV show is filmed.
What's the biggest misconception people have about lighting a house?
Jeff: The biggest misconception that people have is that overhead recessed lighting is better for illumination than incandescent table and floor lamps. Not only can you make a design statement with beautiful lamp choices, but the ambient light they create is much sexier and forgiving than overhead light.
What's your best piece of advice for the DIY'er?
Jeff: Do your research, don't take on projects that are too much for one person to handle, and know when to prioritize -- your time and your budget.
What design trends do you foresee exploding in the next 5 years?
Jeff: My new line of wallpaper, furniture and lighting set to launch next year...so stay tuned!
Jeff Andrews
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