Ultra Artsy Floor Speakers

When decorating your living room, you can either shop for a hi-fi music system and wall art separately, or blend these two aesthetic elements into one prized piece (or two, in this case). Enter Urban Fidelity speakers, who in the great tradition of the Labradoodle and the spork, multitask by taking the artwork of international artists before splaying it across two eco-friendly, standup speakers.

Worried about music quality? Don't. The speakers employ two Air Flow Drivers, sending music both in front and back of the speaker for optimal listening. Urban Fidelity can also customize speakers with your own artwork if you so choose. So feel free to get them the files and they'll create an original masterpiece for you.

A set of Urban Fidelity speakers goes for $399. They're "made with love" in Los Angeles, Calif.

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