Small-Scale Prefab

Keen on right-sizing your patch of planet Earth? Makers of prefab and modular homes, which had a big presence this year, continue to make it easier.

If you just need a little extra space... Sett Studio modeled one of its small-scale prefabs, a sleek studio work space (pictured). A standard 8' x 12' model starts at $14,999, with additional options for a kitchen or bathroom area, plumbing, custom surfaces, and built-in furniture. You also can opt to go completely off-grid with a solar kit for electricity, a rainwater harvesting system, or a composting toilet/grey water filtration system.

The prefab studio units arrive by flatbed trailer, but can be craned in or assembled on site if access to your desired space is difficult. Units also can be stacked or combined, with custom sizes.

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