Michael Habachy on Master Bedrooms

Timeless. Minimal. Modern. That's one way to sum up the sensibility of Michael Habachy and Habachy Designs. From glamorous residences to trendy nightclubs to sexy spas, the Atlanta-based Habachy understands how to create vibe through craft and beauty through vision.

What's the most important consideration before designing a master bedroom?
Michael: Selecting the proper color palette is always important. There are certain colors that can contribute to a soothing and relaxing environment... It is what we use in spas when we design them, and what you want in your bedroom.
How would you describe your signature style?
Michael: I am always told that my work feels very minimalist and sophisticated. Even though there are a lot of layers in my work, I tend to use a lot of restraint when selecting the details. I also stick with clean lines and incorporate lots of textured fabrics, which creates a sense of warmth and luxury.
What's trending right now in bedrooms?
Michael: I would say that there are so many styles now that it's hard to keep up with style trends. I would say that the best trend is mixing various styles from all genres and ethnicities for a more interesting space.
Are some cabinets "greener" than others?
Michael: In 2012, suppliers of cabinet materials within California are certified by CARB, FSC and LEED. This means all locally manufactured cabinets are as environmentally friendly as can be. Imported cabinets are not following or meeting the same guidelines. We know very little about their green specifications.
Can the right bedroom remodel save a marriage?
Michael: Ha Ha! I have been known to be a psychologist when designing a couple's house, but I'm not sure if I can help in that department! Although, I would say that my interiors have a sexy vibe to them.
In terms of trend forecasting for bedrooms, what do you expect to hit it big in the next five years?
Michael: Suspended beds... LOL! Just kidding! I personally would like to see more hand-made furniture (whether it's an upholstered bed with a gorgeous nail head pattern or carved wood headboard). Unfortunately, hand-made anything seems to be a lost art due to mass production. Also, sustainable or "green" products are becoming more and more popular as well. Now there are foams for upholstery that are manufactured with less "off gases" and wood for the framing that are formaldehyde free. More and more materials are also being produced from a percentage of recycled materials. All of this should hopefully become standard manufacturing one day.
What bedroom project would you consider your Mona Lisa?
Michael: Well, I love the white-on-white bedroom that I created for a mid-century house in Atlanta. People either love or hate it, but I think that if one was to wake up in that room, they would feel as if they have died and gone to Heaven. It's just that serene!
How would you describe your dream client?
Michael: Best clients are the ones that know what they like, have good taste, but trust in their designer to help them pull it all together.
What are your favorite stores to get materials from?
Michael: That's a tough one, because I shop at sooo many! I would say some of my favorites are:
Room & Board
ABC Carpet & Home in NYC
Frette for linens.