Kerrie Kelly on Garages

As an accomplished interior designer based out of Sacramento, Calif., Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab has both written books on design and won many awards including Houzz' Best of Remodeling 2012. She's also been a featured designer and has consulted with the DIY and HGTV Network's 'House Crasher's,' 'Bath Crashers' and 'Room Crashers' shows -- the last on which the garage transformation project (pictured) was featured.

How long, and what budget, did you have to transform the garage on HGTV's 'Room Crashers'?
Kerrie: We created designs and worked with the contractor and production team for two weeks prior to the shoot. We were onsite for three days assisting with the DIY projects and installation details. The budget for EVERYTHING was $23,000.
What's the trickiest part about transforming a garage into a livable space?
Kerrie: When transforming a garage to a livable space, you want to make sure it is comfortable and functional. We added in insulation, installed a fireplace, provided lighting on dimmers, specified new wall and floor finishes and lots of great furniture. The last thing you want is to walk into a garage that screams "redo." You want to walk into a transformed space and get the real sense of a lounge space and expanded square footage.
What design trends are catching fire right now in regards to remodels?
Kerrie: With the remodels we are working on, we are combining reclaimed materials with newer finishes, such as reclaimed wood with chrome details. Sustainability is a main focus so we try to maintain as much cabinetry as possible and simply provide a new finish to give an affordable spin.
What interior design project would you consider your Mona Lisa?
Kerrie: Our Mona Lisa is always the last project we completed. We really fall in love with each project we work on and the client we create it for.
In terms of trend forecasting for design, what will hit it big in the next five years?
Kerrie: I think the overlap of livable design, sustainability and technology will create innovative products that can be incorporated into the home, making lives more efficient, user-friendly and functional for all.
How would you describe your dream client?
Kerrie: We work with our dream clients on a daily basis -- they allow the team at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab to do what we love every day. Once a client gives in to the process, the design train creates a momentum and an end result better than they could have ever imagined.
What's the most important consideration before starting a garage design project?
Kerrie: Understanding our client vision and needs for the space.
What are your favorite businesses to buy furnishings from?
Kerrie: We love to specify our own furniture line as it is so customizable. We can specify finishes, fabrics, accent details such as monogramming, nail heads and tufting, and specific seating firmness so the pieces are specific to our client needs.