Shirry Dolgin on Dining Rooms

How would you describe your signature style?
Shirry: My philosophy is that a formal dining room needs to have its own personality. Try something fun, different, and one that has some drama!! A great tip is to get an unexpected light fixture! Try something out of your comfort zone that may spark a conversation.
How did you arrive at the design for the dining room at the top of this page? Budget?
Shirry: I started first with shopping for the table. I knew that I wanted something that was contemporary and that would be a show stopper! When I came across this piece, it literally stopped me in my tracks. I knew that my client would love it and the rest of the color palette was built upon that.
What's trending right now in dining room design?
Shirry: One common trend is having a fireplace in your dining room. Now this requires some remodeling and a lot of space, but it's a gorgeous element to have in a dining room!
What do you expect to hit big in the next five years?
Shirry: I see people slowly moving into the appreciation for modern and contemporary design in the mainstream market. Consumers are appreciating a much more streamlined look and are getting used to having more contemporary design elements in their homes.
What dining room project would you consider your Mona Lisa?
Shirry: I really do think this is my favorite thus far (pictured above). I've included the before picture (pictured below). So, as you can see, it was a drastic change!Design Trends - Dining Rooms - Before Photo
In a home's design hierarchy, where does the dining room rank in terms of importance?
Shirry: I know most people say the kitchen and master bathroom are the top two (and I agree with that), but as far as furnished rooms, I would say a formal dining room is one of the most important rooms in a home. Even though so many homes now have a great room that incorporate a dining space, there is still something very elegant and intriguing that a formal dining room atmosphere creates when entertaining.
What are your favorite places to get materials or furnishings from?
Shirry: I try as much as possible to get pieces that are custom made and unique. For instance, this dining table was custom made by an outstanding artist names John Beck. He made this one of a kind table from metal and painted the design on it. The dining chairs were also custom made
What's the best advice you can give clients looking to remodel their dining rooms?
Shirry: Start with a design on paper first and measure, measure, measure!! I hear it so often that clients try to hit the stores first and get lost and overwhelmed with all the furniture choices. But a well-designed room is not just the furniture! You have to think of the space as a whole. If you don't have the eye for it, then try consulting with a design professional -- even if it's just to get you started on the right path.
Interior Designer Shirry Dolgin Interior designer Shirry Dolgin.