Jamie Rueb & Christopher Grubb on Bathrooms

Based in Beverly Hills, Arch-Interiors is a renowned design firm that focuses on cutting edge and timeless designs. Their work has been featured in all the places that matter including HGTV, DIY and Fine Living (to name a few). Arch-Interiors' president (Grubb) and senior designer (Rueb) took a few minutes to discuss some of their beautiful designs and what to do in regards to the loo.

What's the most important consideration before starting a bathroom remodel?
Jamie & Christopher: Step one for us is always to assess the general needs and function requirements of the client and to determine what on this "wish list" can be done within the parameters of the budget. Also, we always ask clients to pull images from magazines, on-line, etc. to open up a dialogue about design direction. Even if they say they don't know what they like, we are able to extrapolate their style via discussion over these pictures.
What bathroom design trends are catching fire right now?
Jamie & Christopher: Many clients want a retreat-like setting. We also notice that warm or cool neutrals still reign over colors. Textural and tone-on-tone elements seem to appeal to most of our clients. And when budget permits, there are so many amazing plumbing products on the market that have revolutionized the showing experience: Programmable body jets, recessed rainshowers, waterproof speakers, etc.
In terms of trend forecasting for bathrooms, what will hit it big in the next five years?
Jamie & Christopher: When local building codes permit, we see a trend towards dam-less showers. This allows for no separation between the bathroom floor and the shower floor. It's great for accessibility, but also helps the bathroom look cleaner and larger.
What materials are you using more than ever?
Jamie & Christopher: We are still using medium to darker woods, but are finding that gray is becoming an acceptable alternative to wood tones. Granite has faded a bit in popularity with the more clean and uber durable quartz products (e.g. Caesarstone) that are available. Having said that, Carrara marble is still popular, but now we are seeing it in more contemporary settings. Polished chrome is now favored over the once revered brushed nickel. Frameless glass shower enclosures are requested almost exclusively.
What bathroom project would you consider your Mona Lisa?
Jamie & Christopher: The Woods project (pictured) stands out. The client was inspired by global travels and allowed us to create five-star luxury within their own home. A chiseled stone water wall stands at the foot of the tub, an imported bamboo room divider separates the bathroom from the master suite, frameless glass shower is equipped with speakers, body jets and a rainshower. The combination of textural surface materials allows for visual interest without looking overdone.
How would you describe your dream client?
Jamie & Christopher: We appreciate clients who trust us to take their vision and transform their space into something that they will love. While it is always a team effort between us and the client, their trust in our guidance and experience makes the process as smooth as possible and produces results that exceed expectations.
What are your favorite businesses to get bathroom materials from?
Jamie & Christopher: Custom designed bathroom vanities can be expensive so we've translated many of the designs we've made for our clients into freestanding pieces that can be bought at an affordable price at www.thecgcollection.com. Ann Sacks is a favorite for unique tile options and there are many affordable Italian porcelain products that have a very luxury feel (Porcelanosa, Atlas Concorde, Dune -- just to name a few). We also like California Faucets for their customizable plumbing pieces and exquisite finish work.