Remove All Offensive Odors
Crucial is the removal of all offensive odors. Buyers get turned off if a house smells of pet odors and certain foods. I always remind the sellers not to cook fish the day before a caravan. House purchases are very sensual. So when the buyer walks in, you want to focus on the house and not that it smells.

Clean Up the Front Yard
As the first impression of a house is its curb appeal, cleaning up the front yard is essential. Putting out some colorful plants and maybe some fresh paint on the front door will send a message to the buyer that this is a cared-for home.

Remove All Clutter
I tell clients as you are going to move, start packing. Less is more. If there are too many knick knacks, the buyer will be distracted and not focus on the good points of the house. Remove all those magnets and photos on the refrigerator door. Get rid of additional appliances on the kitchen counter. Leave minimal amount of items. And definitely put away that litter box and dog bed.

Make the Bathrooms Sparkle
Wash the windows. Remove all the extra items -- no need for numerous bottles of shampoo. Make it look like a hotel bathroom. Fresh towels and clean surfaces make a very important statement. Fresh inexpensive linens also liven up the house. Speaking of, get a new bedspread and rid of the covers you still have from college. Push sentiment to the side, you're about to sell a house.

Check the Backyard
It may be in the back of your house, but it should not be forgotten. Check that the furniture is clean, plant some fresh flowers. If pets have done damage, patch the grass. Get rid of old pots that having nothing in them. Again, it should be inviting and clean, not full of Fido's chew toys.
Anna Solomon, Prudential Real Estate Agent Anna Solomon has been a real estate agent with Prudential for 30 years, having sold roughly $500,000,000 in property. She is currently ranked in the top one-percent of agents at Prudential.

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