Fall Comfort Food: Donuts for Dunking
With autumn comes the howl of chilly winds, fallen leaves scuttling across the street, and the inevitable grumble of your belly in search of cozy comfort foods to keep you warm. Fall makes it OK -- no, necessary -- to indulge every once in a while. May as well get to it first thing in the morning with Homer Simpson's favorite breakfast: doughnuts. Through winter, Krispy Kreme bakes up an old-fashioned Pumpkin Spice cake doughnut that'll transport you directly back to childhood.

More Pumpkin Doughnut Spots:
Doughnut Plant (New York, NY) - Pumpkin glaze with caramelized pumpkin seeds
Dunkin' Donuts (National) - Traditional cake doughnut infused with "pumpkin essence"