Perfectly Pumpkiny Pancakes
At first, the thought of pumpkin's squash-like taste seems an awkward fit for fluffy, buttery pancakes. But think about it -- pumpkin is a perfect match for maple syrup; its dense, creamy texture makes traditional flapjacks extra moist and rich in flavor. Fork a stack-full, dredge in melting butter and swirl in syrup and you've got the perfect bite.

Walker Bros. Pancake House near Chicago is known as one of the very best places for pancakes in the entire Midwest. Their perfectly plump pumpkin pannies come dressed-up with whipped cream and dusted with sugar.

More Pumpkin-Licious Pancakes:
Mimi's (Las Vegas, NV) - Whipped cream, sugared pumpkin seeds and nutmeg
Bea Bea's (Burbank, CA) - Pumpkin pie 'cakes with pumpkin cream cheese and whipped cream