The Sculpted Pumpkin Cake
Now this is a centerpiece. Wake guests out of their stuffing-induced naps with this showstopping dessert from Dean & DeLuca -- guaranteed to be the talk of the table for years. Those brave enough to cut into the luscious white chocolate pumpkin shell are rewarded with six layers of vanilla spice cake filled with praline buttercream and chocolate fudge. Weighing a hefty 5 lbs., this beauty serves 14-18 hungry pilgrims.

More Outrageous Pumpkin Cake Spots:
The Blue Owl (Kimmswick, MO) - 4-layer pumpkin praline with brown sugar, whipped cream
Josie (Santa Monica, CA) - Sticky Pecan Pumpkin Cake, brown sugar ice cream, caramel sauce
mk Restaurant (Chicago, IL) - French heirloom pumpkin, candied sweet potato, apple cider sorbet