Cute As a Pumpkin: Fall-Flavored Cupcakes
Kinda like those baby pumpkins in the produce section tempting you as you walk by, cupcakes are too cute to pass up. For a hip take on same-old pumpkin pie, bring a dozen pumpkin-spiced cupcakes to Thanksgiving. Sprinkles dots theirs with whimsical candies shaped like turkeys over cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

More Pumpkin Cupcakery:
The Cupcakery (Houston, TX) - Topped with pecans and cream cheese frosting
Kyotofu (NY, NY) - Gluten-free pumpkin, sweet potato and ginger
Sweet (Boston, MA) - Pumpkin pie cake topped with cinnamon-sugared pumpkin seeds
Magnolia Bakery (NY, NY) - Pumpkin pecan with maple cream cheese icing, plus whoopie pies!