Own the First Batmobile

Why It's OMG: Two words: Original. Batmobile. In the world of superhero fandom, there is no more coveted means of transportation than the masked-man's ride (except maybe James Bond's -- discuss.) Picture it: Revving the engine and peeling out of the bat cave, disappearing into the night with stealth and intrigue. Only maybe without the cape.

On Jan. 19 the original 19-foot black bubble-top from the Adam West TV show goes up for sale to the public. Owner George Barris customized his own 1955 Futura concept car into the Caped Crusader's famed machine. Barris also conceived of the Munster Koach for the 'The Munsters' and the 'Beverly Hillbillies' car.

Price: The auction house is mum on the starting price, but it could fetch hundreds of thousands.

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