Baby, You're a Firework

Why It's OMG: NASA may have put its astronauts' excursions on hold, but that doesn't have to ruin it for the rest of us. Space Adventures offers regular folks the chance to break free from terra firma with its in-shuttle, outer-space services. Float like a bubble in zero gravity or orbit 200 miles above earth at 17,000 mph.

For the ultimate escape, book a spot on the lunar mission, the first private trip circumnavigating the moon. Katy Perry reportedly snagged a seat on a similar mission for hubby Russell Brand's 35th birthday present. All current flights embark on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station. A new agreement with Boeing paves the way for future flights on its CST-100, expected to be operational in 2015.

Perfect For: Stargazers, Trekkies and the one who has everything

Price: $100,000+ for suborbital joy rides

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