My Five Favorite Spots to Play the Perfect April Fool's Joke:

The Guggenheim - New York, NY - "With it's rotating art collections that get displayed in the grand entrance, it leaves itself wide open to a great stunt. Purchase an inexpensive "artsy" looking ceramic vase and place it on a table right by the information desk. Then, time it perfectly to gently bump into a museum visitor, making them, in turn, bump the exquisite vase. After it crashes to the floor and shatters into a million pieces, make up a fun name of the fake artist and scream it in terror. For example, "Not the Randallstein!"
Golden Corral Buffet and Grill - New York, NY - "Buffets are fun to eat at because there is a never ending supply of food. Help yourself to all chicken, mashed potatoes or veggies you'd like, but instead of taking it from the buffet, take it off other patron's plates."
Toshi's Living Room - New York, NY - "This lounge is great for groups to hang out at and have a few drinks after a hard day's work. So where better to sit with strangers and pretend that you know them? Join a group ask them what you missed, order a drink and add to the conversation as if you are a long lost friend."
Empire State Building - New York, NY - "This one's easy. Purchase a navy shirt and matching conductor's cap so you look official. Station yourself by the elevator bank and tell everyone the elevators are broken and they need to use the stairs."
Tiffany's - All Over the U.S. - "Find yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry that's hundreds of dollars, probably something in their silver collection case. Tell them you'll take it, then pull out a huge jar of pennies to pay for it. When you don't have enough, ask them if they're sure and ask for a recount."

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