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Meet the Holiday Home-Glower

With "firework" dazzlers and truly unique twists on lighting techniques, the Solymanbeyks aren't just your everyday electrically inclined elves but leaders in the art of exterior illumination. Over the years their display has grown to be known as "Lightazmic" or "Light Show Lane", with additional homes plugging into their synchronized hour-and-a-half light show.

In 2013, the Solymanbeyks also will be hosting two toy drives, on December 6-7 for the Salvation Army and on December 13-14 for Toys For Tots.

Our interview with Willard Solymanbeyk:

First, the two questions everyone asks: Approximately how many lights are in your display? And how long does it take you to put them up?

Willard: The Lightazmic light show is a computer-controlled Christmas light show that utilizes 238 computer channels, over 60,000 LEDs, 684 strobe lights, a 27-foot Mega-Tree, two 32-foot simulated firework displays, and a 15-band RGB audio spectrograph. The lights are synchronized to 31 songs, resulting in a show that lasts approximately 1 hour 27 minutes. The music is also transmitted on short-range FM, so you can stay in your car and watch the show on a cold or rainy day.

Willard: For this year, six additional houses will be electronically linked and synchronized to the same music. It takes approximately 160 hours to physically setup the show, but there is an additional 10 hours of programing time for each minute of the music.

It takes approximately 160 hours to physically setup the show, but there is an additional 10 hours of programing time for each minute of the music.

How many years having you been putting up your display? How did it become a tradition?

Willard: Lightazmic has been synchronizing lights and music since 2006. Having received a considerable amount of positive feedback, Lightazmic has grown to become one of Toys for Tots biggest supporters. The level of excitement we receive starts even before the lights turn on. Some people start to visit the display long before the official start date, just to watch the physical construction stage.

What's your favorite part of your display or what are you most proud of?

Willard: Lightazmic is an innovator and often the first to incorporate new light features. For example: Lightazmic featured two 32-foot-tall simulated firework displays back in 2008. These same firework features are just now showing within outer displays. Another example is the use of a large-scale 15-band spectrograph that is still a unique feature of this display. What we are most proud of is the fact that Lightazmic shares tips and tricks with other displays around the country. To us, imitation is the best form of flattery. We love to help other displays be the best that they can be.

If you were to dedicate your display to anyone or thank anyone, who would it be?

Willard: This show is a gift to our community made possible by support from our sponsors: Kruse Lucas Imports and Superior Cleaners in Modesto. With that said, Lightazmic would not have even started without the total buy-in and support of Mrs. Lightazmic, my wife Wendy.

Willard: I am grateful for the opportunity to make so many people happy during the Christmas holidays. There is a great deal of satisfaction to hear all of the appreciative comments and see the sheer delight in the faces of young and old alike. It makes all of the hard work worthwhile and inspires me to do more each year.

Do you support any particular charity with your display?

Willard: Although our mission is to bring the joy of Christmas to our community, we are one of the main supporters of Toys For Tots and The Salvation Army in our region.

And just for fun... What's your favorite holiday movie and song?

Willard: Holiday movie... That's a tough one. Seen many. 'A Christmas Carol', not to be confused with 'A Christmas Story', which is also a classic. Favorite holiday song: various versions of "The Nutcracker" and Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song".