Ed Begley Jr. Shares Tips on Living Greener »
It's a rare day in Hollywood when an actor with six Emmy nominations becomes more famous for something else. But really, that's where Ed Begley Jr. finds himself these days -- as one of the most noteworthy environmentalists next to Al Gore and Ralph Nader. Begley Jr. shared with us some of his thoughts on climate change, sustainable living, and the energy it takes to eat toast for breakfast. Read our interview »
Going Solar: Panel Installation to Electric Payback »
A California homeowner shares her first-hand experience of investing in affordable solar power for her home and negating her electric bill. If you're thinking of going solar in your own home, we hope her candid answers about her first-hand experience of installing solar panels on her own sunshined abode will help you get started. Learn the hurdles and benefits for one way of going green to earn green. Learn about the time, costs, logistics, and rewards »
Meet Robert Kleiman: "Smart Home" Builder of the Future »
As a developer in southern California, Robert Kleiman has built 2,600 custom homes. But never before had he done a green VISION home. Until recently. Backed by GreenBuilder magazine, VISION homes are all about high-efficiency, high-tech and optimal living -- an ideal for the future. We talked with Kleiman about the latest in cutting-edge gadgetry, his thoughts on green building, and collaboration -- something he believes is the wave of the future in new home construction. Read on for the interview, then tour VISION House »
Ready for the World's Most Fuel-Efficient Car? »
With so many auto shows these days globally, car companies often try to capture the limelight with hyperbolic headlines and inflated claims. Some don't need it. Enter the Volkswagen XL1, which made its world debut this week at the Geneva Motor Show. It didn't need a gimmick. It's got an eye-catching story angle you won't soon forget... See if the MPG astounds you »
Most Fuel-Efficient Cars on the Road »
In this era of gulp-inducing $5-per-gallon gas, the allure of having an eco-footprint smaller than Bigfoot is accelerating at breakneck speed. And let's be honest, there's a lot we could be doing to stop ourselves from breaking the planet... for good. The past few years, the automotive industry has been matching mankind's passion for conserving, offering all sorts of options to preserve our fortunes through better MPGs. Here's the top-of-the-class when it comes to do-better-mobiles. See some of the greenest cars you can buy »
Recycle Your Outdated Mobile Phone »
Help reduce the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) ending up in landfills. Through the AT&T Reuse & Recycle program, consumers are invited to bring unwanted wireless phones, smartphones, accessories and batteries (regardless of the manufacturer or carrier) to AT&T company-owned retail stores for recycling:

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