Hot Wheels Wall Tracks & The Power Tower Track Set

Why He Wants It: Little boys love fast cars in any shape or form. And when they can combine them with their other great passion -- sticking things to the wall -- it's a little slice of supercharged heaven. Especially when it involves loop de loops, curvy roads and the corkscrew elevator (the Power Tower Track Set; lower picture) that swiftly lifts Hot Wheels up to the track's starting point.

To the contrary, parents love Hot Wheels Wall Tracks because they stick safely to the wall and are one less thing to clutter the living room floor. Ultimately, this gift is sure to make everyone's engine rev just little higher this holiday.

Perfect For: Boys 5 and older who want to take their Hot Wheels vision to new heights.
Price: $44.99

Where to Buy It:
Toys R Us
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