Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome Set

Why He Wants It: As the 21st Century update of "Battling Tops," Beyblade keeps fanboys of the popular TV series, 'Beyblade,' engaged in epic battles. As for my son, he has way too many of these and understands the nuances of letting each and every single one of these "rip". I ... do not. This new arena for his battles features a cool spherical design while the set includes two tops, two spin tracks, two launchers and the Destroyer Dome arena. The less dynamic, but equally entertaining Beyblade Beywheelz Crash Course (lower picture) would also be a welcomed vision that could win me years of goodwill in the parenting department.

Perfect For: Kids ages 8 and up (again, my son's a bit young for this, but he's been a fierce Beyblader for at least a year. But please, don't tell anyone.)

Price: Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome Set $39.99; Beyblade Beywheelz Crash Course Set $34.99

Where to Buy It:
Toys R Us

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