Steven Satterfield's Nine Favorite Restaurants in Atlanta:

Cardamom Hill - "The food that Asha Gomez cooks is outrageously flavorful. She hails from Kerala, the Southwestern-most tip of India, where Catholic Portuguese influence spawned a culinary culture of omnivores. She makes everything from fish head curry to a railways beef -- a cold yogurt rice and curried beef stew packaged neatly in a banana leaf. Not to be missed: the fried chicken and rice waffles."
Abattoir, Floataway, Star Provisions, Bacchanalia, Quinones at Bacchanalia - "Everything that Anne Quatrano touches turns to gold. All of her spots, including the home store, Star Provisions, with its butcher/bakery/cheese shop, are executed with precision and class. I've never had a dish at any of her restaurants that did not deliver. Since the menus are all seasonal, they change frequently, but some of my favorites are: pizzas and pastas at Floataway, veg sides and cocktails at Abattoir, and the tasting menu at Bacchanalia."
Bocca Lupo - "A hip italian restaurant in a retro '60s corner spot at the edge of Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park, Bruce Logue's pasta menu is filled with creativity and changes often. I would not normally do a "pasta tasting menu," but his seasonal four course pasta tasting is both delicious and the perfect amount of food. The antipasti and desserts are equally interesting and satisfying."
Cakes & Ales - "My former coworker, Billy Allin, is the chef and owner of Cakes & Ale and the cafe/bakery at Cakes & Ale. His style is fresh, simple and the perfect mix of Italian, Californian and Southern. I love lunches at the bakery, so simple and always delicious. The restaurant, though I don't make it out to dinner often, is one of my favorites in the city. Billy tirelessly sources the best ingredients he can find, and you'll always find him in the kitchen."
Better Half - "Let me reiterate that I don't get out much.... I've only been here once (they're open for dinner only), but I absolutely loved my meal here. The kitchen is set up like a bar and you can eat and watch Zachary Meloy cook, while his lovely wife runs the dining room floor. It's a makeshift DIY space, but they make the most of it. Zach's food is delicious and very well considered. He cooks with integrity and precision, most likely engrained in him from his days cooking under Frank Stitt, the acclaimed Southern chef from Birmingham, Ala., where Zach grew up. "

Miller Union, Atlanta
Steven Satterfield is the multiple James Beard-nominated Executive Chef of Miller Union (pictured) in Atlanta, Ga. Follow Miller Union on Twitter @millerunion or Steven Satterfield @millerunionchef, or on Facebook.

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