The Beer: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

What does it take to be named the best beer of the year? Just ask the folks over at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Their classic Celebration Ale is a repeat award winner from way back, and was even once considered the "best beer ever made in America." And with good reason, too.

Though the composition changes annually, the classic elements are always present: the beautiful red-amber color with a dense creamy off-white head; an aroma of pine with a balanced malty-citrusy backbone that translates to the taste; and just the right amount effervescence to dance on the palate -- after all, it is a celebration, isn't it?

The Food

While also a seasonal beer available only in the winter months, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is a true American IPA. It pairs well with spicier fare. So if your holiday menu leans more toward the non-traditional, this might be the perfect beer for you. Think spicy Thai dishes or even spicier curry, and you've got a heavenly match. It also holds up quite well with seafood entrees.

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